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    One After Another
    William Blizard Gallery
    Springfield College

    February 10 - April 10, 2020

    Gallery Reception for the Artists and the Public
    Thursday, February 20, 4-6 PM

    Exhibition Walk-Through and Gallery talk with Liz Chalfin
    Wednesday, April 1, 12-1 PM

    Curated by Jessica Poser from the 2020 ZMP Flat File

    Participating Artists: Tekla McInerney, Louise Kohrman, Judith Bowerman, Nancy Diessner, Jennifer Gover, Richard Turnbull, Maggie Nowinski, Channing Lefebvre, Angela Zammarelli, Esther S. White, Maya Malachowski Bajak, Anne Beresford, Liz Chalfin, Joyce Silverstone, T. Klacsmann, Kevin Pomerleau and Louise Wallendorf.

    William Blizard Gallery
    Visual Arts Center
    Second Floor, Blake Hall

    Springfield College
    263 Alden St., Springfield, MA
    Open Weekdays, 9:30-4:30